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On today's episode, former guest Verity Vale sits down with Marc to discuss his journey and how he found himself in the podcasting world. Among other things, they chat about growing up, figuring out how to make a living doing what you're passionate about, and what the future of BNV Media looks like! Listen in to hear it all.



On today’s episode we’re joined by Brittany Campbell. Originally from Charlottetown, Brittany spent time teaching Cadets before heading over to Halifax about two years ago to further pursue a career in comedy. After making her way up the ranks on the East Coast, she’s now moving to Edmonton at the end of August with her girlfriend. You can follow them along on their journey across the country with their new podcast, Two Lesbians and a Cat, coming out soon! Listen in as we go through it all.



On this week’s episode we’re joined by the hilarious comedian Colin Hollett. Originally from Newfoundland, Colin has spent time living and working in Edmonton and also had a career in Real Estate before he started doing comedy full-time. We chat about life in Newfoundland, what it’s like to tour as a comedian, where he gets his inspiration, and how he balances everything in between. Listen in as we go through it all!



On today’s bonus episode, it’s a Brand New View on Cannabis. I sit down with Beau Cleeton of Canadian Lumber, Brett Evans, creator of The Doobtool, and SKOSHA’s Joe Sanford to chat all about the Cannabis Industry. Among other things, we talk about what it’s like working in this new industry, some of the challenges that come with it, and how we can end certain stigmas surrounding cannabis. Sit back and enjoy!


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On this week’s episode we’re joined by Ryan Williams. Ryan is a photographer, husband, and father of two kids. We discussed how Ryan discovered his love for photography, and the journey he has taken thus far to get where he is today. We talked about growing up and playing baseball at a highly competitive level, navigating through the sales world which included stops at GoodLife Fitness and 7 years selling dental equipment (the latter being the career he left about a month ago) to finally focus on his passion full time! Listen in as we go through it all.



On this week’s episode we’re joined by Ruth McMullen. Ruth is originally from Ontario but now calls Halifax her home. Ruth is the founder and host of the podcast Optimistically Depressed where she has on guests to discuss mental health, hurt, life philosophies and everything in between. Ruth is also one of the founders of Halifax Social Network which aims to bring creative people and communities together to foster positive growth and impactful relationships. Listen in as we talk all things life, family, mental health, and finding yourself through it all!



On this week’s episode we have a new co-host joining the team! Sid Kosatsky will be taking over the majority of co-hosting duties as Ben transitions out of his role, but don’t worry, he’ll be back to co-host from time to time. Today’s guest is Bradley Daye, a fellow Nova Scotian who is making his mark in the social entrepreneurial world. His business, Placemaking 4G is a community interest company and a one of a kind recruiting firm where 60% of their profits are reinvested back into the community or a social cause. P4G is ushering in a “new generation of recruiting” in Atlantic Canada, listen in to hear all about it as we get into Bradley’s journey and how he found himself where he is today!


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On today’s episode we sit down with Sid Kosatsky. Sid grew up in Winnipeg and from a young age was always interested in helping others. After taking some time off after high school, he decided to become a Military Firefighter. Sid spent the next ten years in that role and during the last few years, Sid became interested in real estate investing. After listening to several real estate development and entrepreneurial podcasts, Sid purchased his own property and soon after realized he list it on Airbnb. With the knowledge gained from the informative podcasts, Sid decided to start his own Airbnb management company called HostOften. He also created CollabOften and a cleaning company that, you guessed it, is tasked with cleaning the properties HostOften manages. Now, Sid is in charge of almost 50 Airbnb properties and there is still a lot of room to grow, the potential is endless. Listen in as we go through it all!



On this week’s episode, we’re joined by Kwame Osei. Kwame grew up in the Rexdale area of Toronto and eventually made his way to the East Coast for university. Not long after graduating with two degrees, Kwame moved to Fort McMurray where he currently resides. He is now a School Teacher but he also finds time to manage his athletic wear clothing company and coach football among other things. With a move back to Toronto happening in the near future, it’s a very exciting time for Kwame! Listen in as we go through it all.



On this week’s episode we sit down with Verity Vale. Verity is originally from Plymouth in the United Kingdom but has spent the last year living in Halifax. After university, Verity spent time in Glasgow, Scotland where she decided she would become a police officer. After 15 years on the force, and the last 7 as a detective, Verity decided to go on sabbatical to explore starting her own business. She is now the only Solution-Focused Hypnotherapist in Nova Scotia and owner of Verity Vale Hypnotherapy. Listen in to hear all about what Verity does and the big plans she has for the future!



On today’s episode we sit down with Terrence Taylor. Originally from Las Vegas, Terrence made his way to the East Coast of Canada when he was 16 years old. A prime example of someone who is living life on their own terms, Terrence has always had a passion to share experiences and stories with others. After a quick stop in Charlottetown where he created his own Food Service business called TnT Food Experience, Terrence moved back to Nova Scotia where he began to establish his social enterprise called Terrence Taylor Media. A storytelling media company that not only creates impactful original content like Changing The Narrative Podcast but also strives to create opportunities and provide resources for others who may not have them otherwise. Listen in as we go through it all!



On this week’s episode we sit down with Keonté Beals. Keonté grew up in North Preston and from an early age, he developed a strong love and passion for music . Early on, Keonté sang in his church choir and eventually began sharing his music online. He received incredible feedback and used that positivity to continue to create and work hard on growing his career. Keonté is now routinely performing shows (including one this Saturday in Halifax) and also has an album in the works! Although admittedly a shy person, Keonté brings raw passion and energy to his performances that he choreographs himself. Listen in as we go through it all.



On today’s episode we sit down with Brett Evans. Brett grew up in the North End of Halifax and at the age of 19 became the youngest Real Estate Agent in Nova Scotia. Brett was able to learn the ins and outs of the business world and after four years left to start his own company in the Cannabis Industry called The Canadian Pro-Cannabis Group. The organization’s main goal was to connect patients to cannabis-educated physicians who could provide them information and resources on cannabis. Now, Brett main focus is on the Doobtool, a cannabis accessory he invented that allows you to properly transport and prepare cannabis products anywhere. Brett hopes the Doobtool will help end the stigma and misconceptions that surround cannabis use and users. The future looks bright for Brett as he continues to move forward with his business and improve upon his incredible invention. Listen in to hear it all!



On this week’s episode we sit down with Ankur Gupta. A Haligonian at heart, Ankur attended the Halifax Grammar School before heading off to university where he studied Business and Philosophy. During his final two years, Ankur became heavily involved with the technology community, serving on boards and running different initiatives that continue to this day. Upon graduating, Ankur made his way to Toronto and was hired as a Project Manager for a technology firm and although Ankur was finding success, he wanted something he could call his own. When the opportunity to come back to the East Coast and work alongside his family arose, he jumped at the chance. Present day, Ankur is now partly responsible for the re-brand and growth of their business Scanway and he has many exciting plans for his business in the works! Listen in as we go through it all.



On today’s episode we sit down with Martina Kelades. Martina grew up in New Minas but now lives in Cole Harbour. After initially attending university to gain an Arts Degree, Martina decided to pursue other avenues of education and attended NSCC for their Human Services Program. After graduating, she became a Personal Development Counsellor helping others get past barriers (primarily related to mental health) to succeed in life. Martina began to recognize that she herself was dealing with mental health related issues and decided to start an initiative that focuses on mental health promotion. Now Martina is beginning the next chapter of her journey with Life Out Loud, a professional and specialized service used to expand conversations related to mental health and wellness. Listen in to hear it all!



On this week’s episode we’re joined by Tyler Simmonds. Tyler grew up in North Preston and from a young age he has been living with mental illness. After struggling to find a way to voice what he was feeling, Tyler decided to open up and post online a short film he had made describing his experiences with anxiety and depression. He received a lot of amazing feedback and with that decided he could be a voice for helping others living with mental illness. Tyler has since had a book published about mindfulness and he’s created the Still Alive Foundation: which is aimed at helping others living with mental illness and reducing suicide rates. Among other things he currently has on the go, Tyler just released an Art Collaboration called Boys Don’t Cry with friend of the show Peter Hemsworth AKA BZLY. Listen in to hear it all!



On today’s episode we sit down with Andy Hay. Andy grew up in Brookside, Nova Scotia and after initially heading to university to study Science, he decided to switch into Business as that was more to his liking. Once Andy graduated, he entered the Insurance Industry as an Underwriter but it wasn’t something he enjoyed doing and after two and a half years, he decided to leave and went on a six month trip to South East Asia. Upon returning to Nova Scotia, Andy decided to enter the Software and Technology Industry on the sales side but it still felt like something was missing. Cooking is something Andy has always enjoyed doing for others and while trying to determine his next move, he tried out for MasterChef Canada and made it on the show! After finishing 2nd place in the competition, Andy realized he could leverage, among other things, his appearance on the show, and with that Andy’s East Coast Kitchen was born. Listen in to hear Andy’s story and find out all the exciting things he has in store for the future!



On this week’s episode we’re joined by Andreas Robinson. Andreas grew up all over HRM and excelled from a young age in school and athletics. He focused on Track and Field and Football and eventually went to prep school in the US. However, a severe knee injury suffered in the State Championship of his final year eventually forced him to re-evaluate his path in life and after a short stint at university in BC, Andreas made his way back to Halifax. After much consideration he decided to attend St. Mary’s University for business and play football there. Since high school, Andreas has been interested in creating some sort of social enterprise and that is now becoming a reality. He is the founder and president of Infinitus Academy and their mission is to empower Youth, Individuals and Communities to “Embrace their Limitless Potential”. With graduation right around the corner, Andreas is excited to continue building Infinitus and take on any challenge in the way. Listen in as we go through it all!



On today’s episode we sit down with Dylan Elias. Dylan grew up in Halifax and excelled at athletics from a young age. In high school, he turned his focus to football and went on to play for Mount Allison University. Soon after, he spent time working and living in New York City and eventually found his way to Fort McMurray. He worked security for a few years before getting hired on as part of a youth mentorship program. From there, Dylan saw an opportunity to make a real difference and has since co-founded Northern Elite Football as well as become President of the Fort McMurray Ravens Football Club. But that’s not all, his full-time job is Youth Mentorship Coordinator at Fort McKay First Nation, a job he holds very close to his heart. Listen in as we hear Dylan’s story!



On this week’s episode we sit down with Joel Muise. Originally from just outside Yarmouth, Joel made his way to Halifax for university where he attained a degree in Finance. He began work as a stock analyst and trader but after some time realized he wasn’t truly happy doing that type of work and his daily habits had begun to suffer greatly. Joel decided to leave the finance world and pursue something with more meaning to him. He identified a need for better access and support for mental health related issues and out of that, Tranquility Online was born. Join us as Joel takes us through growing up and getting a start-up off the ground!



On this week’s episode we sit down with Belle DeMont. Belle grew up in central Halifax and from a young age has always had an interest in drawing and artwork. She attended NSCAD and not long after graduation had two children’s books published! One in which she did the illustrations and the other she wrote. Since then she has created several projects including original portraits as well as the Perogie Kids: Belle’s adorable illustrations of the little kid in all of us. Looking towards the future, Belle has big plans for the Perogie Kids and is also in school to become an Art Teacher. Listen in as we go through it all.



On this week’s episode we sit down with Sean Fitzpatrick. Originally from Souris, PEI, Sean worked as a fisherman from a young age with his family but in high school began coming up with an idea to create a brand/company for himself. He decided to attend university for business and during those years he honed in on what he wanted the brand to represent and how it would manifest itself. From there, the brand 6 Zero was born and Sean’s first venture would be in watches. Now, in his final year of university and after a recent collaboration with East Coast Lifestyle, Sean is excited for the future and where he can take 6 Zero next! Listen in as we go through it all.



On today’s episode we sit down with Natalie Toombs. Natalie currently lives in Halifax and is originally from Charlottetown. Although now a photographer and content creator, she wasn’t sure what direction she wanted her life to go until a camera was given to her when she was 20. That camera gave her an initial outlet to discover what she was passionate about and after pit stops in Banff and Toronto, Natalie has honed in on what makes her tick. She has since created a photography project called LVSTFVL and has plans to attend NSCC for Marketing in the near future! Listen in as we hear Natalie’s story.


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On this week’s episode we sit down with Matthew Burton. Originally from Cold Lake, Alberta, Matthew moved to Dartmouth at a young age and has been on the East Coast ever since. After high school, he decided to enlist in the RCN but after 5 years as a Naval Weapons Engineering Technician, Matthew realized he wasn’t content with his career and he left the Armed Forces. Matthew then spent two years at NSCC to attain a business diploma with a concentration in Finance. However, after a brief stint with a local hedge fund, he began realizing this wasn’t for him either. Now, Matthew has monetized his love for photography and videography and is currently planning the launch for his media company Loud Media. Listen in as Matt takes us through it all!



On today’s episode we sit down with fellow Haligonian Warren Dietrich. An early interest in mathemathics led Warren to Memorial University where he took Civil Engineering. However, during his third co-op he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma and had to leave the program to begin treatment. It was during this time Warren began working with Hemp Wholesale Canada and saw the opportunity to start his own company. About four months ago, he founded VIS Foods, a vegan health food company that has products already on shelves in many health food locations. Now almost two years since being diagnosed and recovering well, Warren has high hopes for his company and future going forward, listen in as we go through it all!



On this week’s episode we’re joined by Tim Foster. Tim is originally from Flin Flon, Manitoba but growing up his family moved to many different places including a brief stop in England, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and then finally back to Nova Scotia. Tim has been doing graphic design since the age of 19 and has been working in that world ever since. He’s now ½ of Dose Media, a web design and branding company he founded with a former colleague. Listen in as Tim tells his story!



On today’s episode we sit down with DeRico Symonds. DeRico grew up in the west end of Halifax, and from a young age has always had an interest in helping families and communities. After graduating university he worked with Phoenix (a non-profit community based organization) for five years. He is now manager of the Youth Advocate Program for the city of Halifax and is also a part-time black student support coordinator for Mount Saint Vincent University. DeRico has some exciting plans for which path his career will take in the near future! Listen in as we go through it all.



On this week’s episode we sit down with Erica Fraser. Originally from Cape Breton, Erica is now one of the brewers at Good Robot Brewing in Halifax. She has a degree in biology, has travelled and worked in a few corners of the earth, and has a strong interest in food security and food justice. It would be hard to find someone who’s had a busier 2018 than Erica, from working at an espresso being a project coordinator at a community garden…to being a quality assurance manager for a start-up producer of cannabis, there wasn’t much down time! Listen in as we go through it all.



On this week’s episode, we sit down with fashion designer and entrepreneur Peter Hemsworth. A creative from the beginning, Peter has always had an interest in the art and fashion world. After attaining a degree in business, he decided to pursue his MBA but upon finishing turned his focus to creating his own business and fashion brand known as BZLY. Two years later Peter has since had his clothing appear in several fashion shows and has big plans for 2019 and beyond! Listen in as we go through it all.



On this week’s episode, we sit down with Austin Ermes. Originally from Oshawa, Ontario, Austin is a freelance content creator. After studying media in university, he made his way over to Halifax when he was hired by East Coast Lifestyle. Since then, his job has brought him around the world to produce content for many different brands. About four months ago, Austin started his own production company called AUSGOD. He’s now heading back to Toronto but don’t count on him staying in one spot for too long! 2019 looks to be a big year for Austin, listen in as we go through it all.



On this week’s episode, we’re joined by Gab Levert. Born and raised in Halifax, Gab attended Mount Saint Vincent University for Public Relations. In his final semester, he and his good friend (and eventual business partner) decided to brainstorm and started a PR firm called Magnified PR. Only 8 months later, they created a sports entertainment agency called Tidal League. Through networking, hard work and a lot of long days, the two businesses have begun to see success. This summer, Tidal League will host the first ever NBA Pro Am tournament in Halifax! Listen in as Gab talks about growing up and getting serious in his early 20s.



On today’s episode, Ben and Marc sit down with Michelle MacDonald. Originally from Prince Edward Island, Michelle intended to become a veterinarian when she first entered university. However, after bouncing around several different areas and realizing that she wasn’t pursuing what she was passionate about, Michelle decided to switch things up and live life on her terms. With a lot of hard work, Michelle created the gourmet food business Buttered Bliss. Her dedication and enthusiasm has led to a lot of early success and the future couldn’t look brighter! Listen in as we go through it all.



It’s our first episode of 2019 and we’re excited to have Hannah Kovacs join us today. Hannah is originally from Halifax and after graduating with a degree in International Relations, made her way to Toronto. While working at a tech start-up, she began teaching fitness classes on the side and her passion for that has led to a full-time business called HIIT with Hannah. After a busy 2018 of laying the foundation, Hannah is looking forward to growing her business and planning for a very exciting transition in the near future! Listen in as we go through it all.


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Today we have Evan Fougere join us on the pod! A fellow Haligonian, Evan originally went to university for a degree in criminology with the hopes of potentially becoming a probation officer. However, while working at the liquor store to pay off student debt, Evan realized there was a need for a "beer expert". He decided to pursue the idea of becoming a Cicerone and is already teaching beer classes to industry people and hobbyists on the side. The future looks bright for Evan, he has a few potential projects in the works and we can't wait to see what 2019 holds for him!



Merry Christmas! Today we're releasing our Holiday Special with special guest Dr. Ryan DeCoste! Friend of the show and a great friend of ours, Ryan is currently an Anatomical Pathology Resident and will be heading down to New York in 2020 for a fellowship at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center! Tune in as Ryan take us through it all.


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On today’s episode we are joined by Alexi Pianosi. Alexi is currently the Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Pittsburgh Penguins. He grew up on the rinks and his drive and competitive attitude led him to reaching the heights of Major Junior Hockey in Canada. Alexi is incredibly passionate about maximizing output in high performance sport and as a Type 1 Diabetic, he hopes to merge those two areas together. Join us as we go through it all!



On today's episode we have Terrena Huisman, who grew in Alberta and came to the East Coast for university. Terrena has always had the mind to spot opportunities and address them through entrepreneurship. A skill she acquired at a young age that led her to appearing on Dragon’s Den at only 22 years old! Now 24, she finds herself in Barrie, Ontario and is in the transition of leaving one job and starting a new career. Find out more about Terrena’s story now!



On today's episode of Brand New View, we're honoured to have the one and only Bruce Rainnie. Bruce is currently the CEO of The Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame and through a love for sport and broadcasting has carved his way across almost 30 years of experience. Some highlights include hosting CBC Compass with Boomer Gallant as well as interviewing some of the biggest athletes on the planet. Bruce has gained an immense amount of wisdom from his career in media and involvement with competitive sport. Listen in as Bruce takes us through it all!



Ben and Marc sit down with Tim Elms who created the rum cake business The Captain’s Rations. An entrepreneur at heart, Tim has spent many years in sales and business development but has always tried to have a side hustle on the go. Although his most recent venture is less than a year old, he is already seeing tremendous success. So sit back, relax and enjoy this one, Tim has an incredible story.


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On this episode we sit down with Luella Legge. After over 6 years in the banking and financial industry, Luella left to pursue her true passion: teaching. She is now part of the Business Faculty at the Nova Scotia Community College Ray Ivany Campus and brought the first ever Enactus team to the college, a team that has enjoyed incredible success over the years! Luella applies a say yes attitude to life and it has led her to where she is today, listen in as she tells her story.



On today’s episode we sit down with Jon Mann. A lifelong fan of film, Jon began honing his craft after graduating from Acadia University. He quickly made a name for himself with the documentary Project Power and more recently has had short films featured in the Atlantic Film Festival. A producer, writer, and director (triple threat?!?!!), Jon is currently working on an original tv pilot as well as a Stephen King short film. Join us and follow along as Jon gets into how he was able to find himself where he is today!



Brand New View is about looking at life from different perspectives. Co-hosts Marc Boudreau and Ben Brammer, who are based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia sit down and have conversations with self starters - those who have monetized their passion or have been able to find a career that is incredibly meaningful to them. Our hope is that telling the stories of these guests will provide some candid insight and advice for listeners that have similar aspirations. With so many different ways to make a living today, we want to offer listeners some actual examples of that! We have a wide range of industries covered; From film, to fitness, to finance, there’s a guest for everyone out there. Episodes will be released weekly on Mondays!