What Was Going Through My Mind...

I remember when Marc first asked me to co-host a podcast. I remember where I was and my first reaction. I remember thinking, “this guy is nuts” for even suggesting it. He mentioned he wanted to start his own venture/podcast in February of 2018, after he returned home from South East Asia. To be honest, I didn't really believe that he was ever going to get something off the ground! I've been friends with Marc for a lifetime and he hasn't always pulled through. He has always gotten the job done but he's struggled with finding his passion in life. This podcast is the exact opposite of that struggle. The moment I knew this was for real - I was all in, 110 fucking percent.

A podcast isn't something I really saw myself pursuing. I mean, I have definitely listened to my fair share of podcasts but never thought of it as a career or passion. It's been so interesting embarking on this journey with Marc, watching him pursue something totally foreign and challenging, yet excelling at it. Regardless of the outcome, this was something that was always meant to push us as individuals, help us grow as friends and ultimately allow us to venture out of our comfort zones. Amazingly, that's exactly what our guests look to highlight.

I had to overcome a lot before eventually agreeing to do BNV (it couldn't have been easy trying to coach me out of my comfort zone, I'm relatively routine like). I wouldn't suggest that I'm a shy person but I definitely enjoy my alone time and tend to keep most things in my personal life private and close to the heart.

My favourite part about deciding on whether or not to dive into the deep end was Marc's reassurance when it mattered most. He was able to find it in himself to overcome the mental battles one would typically encounter when starting a new undertaking. With that, he was able to help me overcome it as well. It's been bananas watching us help one another across so many vantage points. We have been able to apply a plethora of our real life experiences into this - that's probably the most fulfilling part. We are constantly learning and applying ourselves in new ways.

I have been able to obtain this information from actually doing the podcast. All the late nights, edits, stress and performance anxiety wasn't exactly what I expected but I can't thank my co-host enough for making this a seamless transition. Although he drives me fucking bonkers - there is nobody I would rather support in their journey. I also want to take a second and thank myself. I'm quite proud of the fact that I have been able to put the blinders on and simply focus on what matters most - having fun and sharing amazing stories while doing it!

- Ben