Episode 39 ft. BRAND NEW VIEW PODCAST FOUNDER MARC BOUDREAU is out now!! scroll down to listen

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On today's episode, former guest Verity Vale since down with Marc to discuss his journey and how he found himself in the podcasting world. Among other things, they chat about growing up, figuring out how to make a living doing what you're passionate about, and what the future of BNV Media looks like! Listen in to hear it all.




 Brand New View is about looking at life from different perspectives.



Co-hosts Marc Boudreau and Ben Brammer sit down and have conversations with self starters -- those who have been able to monetize their passion or have in some way found a career that is incredibly meaningful to them.

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Marc Boudreau

Marc has an eye for opportunities and another eye for hopefully not tripping over the pile of wisdom he's gained by trying everything once. He’s likely served you a beer downtown, or you’ve seen him on one of the many campuses he frequented to obtain his one undergrad degree. Laid back until he's not, once Marc gets the shine in his eye be prepared to buckle in for the ride.


Sid Kosatsky

A new edition to the team, Sid brings a unique energy to the podcast that can easily be noticed as soon as he starts talking. In the past, he was a firefighter and in the near future, he’ll be a real estate mogul. Look out for Sid on the streets as he cruises anywhere and everywhere on his Santa Cruz long board.


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We would love to hear from you!


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