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On this week’s episode, we’re joined by Kwame Osei. Kwame grew up in the Rexdale area of Toronto and eventually made his way to the East Coast for university. Not long after graduating with two degrees, Kwame moved to Fort McMurray where he currently resides. He is now a School Teacher but he also finds time to manage his athletic wear clothing company and coach football among other things. With a move back to Toronto happening in the near future, it’s a very exciting time for Kwame! Listen in as we go through it all.




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Co-hosts Marc Boudreau and Ben Brammer sit down and have conversations with self starters -- those who have been able to monetize their passion or have in some way found a career that is incredibly meaningful to them.

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Marc Boudreau

Marc has an eye for opportunities and another eye for hopefully not tripping over the pile of wisdom he's gained by trying everything once. He’s likely served you a beer downtown, or you’ve seen him on one of the many campuses he frequented to obtain his one undergrad degree. Laid back until he's not, once Marc gets the shine in his eye be prepared to buckle in for the ride.


Ben Brammer

Ben is the kind of guy who schedules in his scheduling time, but somehow manages to have adventure just around the corner at all times. He's that guy who works at a startup, coaches hockey, takes care of his health, and still has time to cook a lasagna and call your mother because he remembered her birthday.


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We would love to hear from you!


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